Monday, May 02, 2005

I found this pattern that I thought with all the softie madness taking over someone might like to update and give it that 2005 cool look. This is a trade only! I am going to post Buy and Trade policies on the sidebar, but until I do that I will put info here. Whomever wants this pattern must email me. I will put notice that trade has been made on post and to keep things fair will make the trade with the first emailer. What to trade with? Make me a little something, send me your little creations or sewing notions, ribbon, buttons, a few cards you make...whatever you think is fair. The point of this is for you to be creative, me to get prizes and you to get your prize too! I will pay the postage on my item(s) to you, you pay the postage on your item(s) to me---unless otherwise posted!

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Lucy Goosey Door Stop Pattern!--1980's...with and updated look and some embroidered eyes, this could be a new hot seller for someone! If you want
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